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Trainee Recruitment Consultant

Salary £18,000 - £25,000, 1st year OTE £30,000 - £35,000 We are looking to hire people to work for Ortus PSR recruiting into the Wealth Management profession across the UK. You will be provided with all the tools to work your way up to Recruitment Consultant and beyond. You will be working with a mentor to deliver an outstanding service to our customers who are at different stages of their career.


Head Office Bristol


Recruitment Resourcing

Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultant required to work in the UK Wealth Management profession based in Bristol. This opportunity is suitable for someone looking to get into the recruitment industry or has worked in a recruitment environment before


Head Office Bristol


Recruitment Sales

Personal wellbeing and your career - Robert Francis Group

Personal wellbeing and your career

Invest in yourself

Do you feel like you are living like the film Groundhog day repeating the same routines every day doing whatever you can to increase your paycheck? There is so much in the press about mental health but people still often forget or don’t know how to priorities their own wellbeing.

If you want to improve your career, personal life, and general health the number one thing you can do is invest in yourself. Learning new skills and developing yourself improves both your personal and professional lives. There is a link between productivity, motivation and good mental health if you strive to improve yourself other area of our lives to tend to flourish .

Put yourself first 

Invest time, money, and energy into making your current and future life better. Instead of focusing on things that will not increase your personal wellbeing in the long term, look for ways to expand your knowledge and make your life better.

By starting to make small changes to your lifestyle today, you can create a higher return for your future. As you start investing in yourself, you will soon realise that you are making an impact on others around you as well.

Investing in yourself can:



  • Develop new skills


  • Build your confidence


  • Broaden your perspective


  • Develop your purpose


  • Increase your wealth


  • Improve your career prospects


  • Improve wellbeing


  • Help to build relationships


  • Help with adapting to change



Start by Setting goals 

If you write a list of attainable goals, you may be more likely to accomplish them. Setting mini-goals can help you process the steps you need to take to achieve larger life goals. Be patient and remember to review your achievements the small and large ones.

Creat a budget – control your finances 

By understanding your finances it can help with anxiety and allow you to save or invest for your future life goals.  A spending plan can be as simple as an app that keeps track of your expenses or as complex as an excel spreadsheet.

Develop a learning mindset 

People who are successful, never stop learning. Learning is as simple as listening to a podcast, reading a book, watching a Youtube video, or signing up for an online course. You can create a learning platform for yourself by subscribing to certain channels on the likes of Youtube and Instagram.                   

Get Healthy 

Living a healthier lifestyle helps with anxiety, fatigue and creating a positive mindset. Involving yourself n group exercise sessions can also allow you to network and open up new opportunities in your personal and work life.


Look to attend local networking groups and industry events in order to meet new people. You can also network through social media sites like LinkedIn by getting into discussions by commenting on peoples posts.

Find a mentor 

Try looking for a mentor in your workplace or even at a networking event. You might also consider hiring a life coach or career coach.

Time to look after number one

Investing in yourself takes time and effort, but the gains far outway the quick wins you get from the likes like retail therapy that only provide a short feeling of satisfaction. Stick with the goal of improving yourself and you will see the benefits personally and professionally. If you are at a stage professionally where you are ready to move jobs as part of the process of investing in yourself reach out to us and we will be happy to advise on the current jobs markets within our defined fields. 

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